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Form Gallery has been an important part of the Christchurch Arts community for over 25 years; we are proud to present the finest jewellery, glass, ceramics, objects and sculptures from New Zealand's leading contemporary artists. Please click below to learn more about the history of our gallery and staff.

Exhibition On Now

Unbroken Line: October 3 - 23

Matthew Williams continues to prove he is a strong force in the contemporary sculpture scene, creating striking artworks from a variety of materials and constantly evolving his style.

Upcoming Exhibition

Hard to Get - Form Gallery Celebrates 25 Years: November 7 - 27

It’s almost time to celebrate our 25th year with an exhibition in November, we will be displaying artworks by artists who have been with us since the beginning: Chris Weaver, Peter Collis, Llew Summers and John Parker. Please join us!


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Artwork of the Week

'Citrine and Morganites Ring' by Mieke Van Dam

12mm Citrine and 2x Yellow Morganites set in 14k Gold - $710

enquire: info@form.co.nz

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We are quite proud of our Instagram feed, and it can be a great place for you to check what's currently happening at Form. All photography by Dewsbury Design.

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