Artis Profile

Peter Collis has been a full-time professional potter since 1978, developing forms and decorative techniques to enhance domestic and commercial interiors.

The main focus to Peter's work has been the handling of 'shape' and 'surface'. He creates simple 'pure form' vessels, which he then treats in a wide range of methods. Crackle glazes, lustres, Egyptian paste, textured engobes, crystalline effects, all enrich surfaces without detracting from form. His work often shows reference to the Pacific with both colour and pattern, influences drawn from waka and tapa.

Peter is highly respected by his peers, both for his mastery of the potter's wheel, his huge knowledge of glaze and firing technology, and his energetic skills as a teacher and mentor. He has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand, in Japan, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan and England.

Artist's Statement

I really enjoy clay, the lifestyle potting offers, the challenges that occur, the frustrations and the rewards.

I love the quality of high-fired glazes and have a passion for decorations, whether brushed, textured or stippled. I'm always searching for the perfect combination of form and decoration.