Artis Profile

I graduated from Nelson Polytechnic in 1990 with a certificate in Handloom Weaving and a Diploma in Craft Design. My initial interest in fabric was soon supplanted by a passion for clay. I was intrigued by its organic origins, versatility, and its permanence once set. I use the vessel as a vehicle for my ideas because of its qualities of shielding and containment.

I draw my inspiration from my country New Zealand, with historical and geographical reference. I am captured by the curves and connotations of boat forms, the texture of sand and stone, and the imprints of starfish, shells and crustaceans.

Some of my vessels seem to be 'dressed'. I still love the lines, texture and behaviour of fabric and have translated some of these aspects into my ceramic work. Like generous strips of material, the clay is layered, overlapped and quilted. To create depth of colour and pattern a variety of surface treatments are used. These include photographic screen-printing on clay and repeated firings of many different coloured and textured glazes. I am using one of the oldest crafts known to mankind - Pottery - to produce my clay art.