Artist Profile

Jewellery is a platform I use to express concepts, emotions, thoughts and dreams in solid tangible forms. Being able to transform my ideas into wearable pieces of art is a deeply satisfying process.

I like to explore the relationships between traditional materials, non-conventional materials and found objects. I am driven by my desire to understand what it is to be human, how we relate to ourselves, each other and the world we live in. These ideas often feature in my work as I strive to create art with a social commentary and to install in the viewer moments of self-reflection. Each piece is handcrafted with the hope that it will be appreciated for its individual aesthetic and will evoke thought about its deeper meaning.

As a child I watched my father weld. I was mesmerized by the interaction between flame and metal. In 1997 I attended jewellery night classes at Otago Polytechnic, although my real passion for jewellery was ignited when I moved to Wellington in 2002 and studied with goldsmith Dorthe Kristensen until 2006. For the last three years I have been working from home further developing my technical skills and creative practice.