Artist Profile

Originally from Dunedin New Zealand, Jamie began studies in jewellery and metalworking at the Sydney Institute Design Centre in 1995. He has since worked as a tutor and technician at the Centre, at UNSW College of Fine Arts, Tai Poutini Polytechnic and numerous private institutions, and has trained with several jewelers in both the artistic and manufacturing spheres - while at the same time exhibiting his own work. He was first exposed to South Australian jade through NSW lapidary club “rock festivals” in the late 90’s; his initial efforts led eventually to him being drawn home to New Zealand to study Hard Stone Carving in Greymouth on the South Island’s west coast. Jamie is now based in Christchurch on the mighty Heathcoate River where he communes daily with its numerous ducks.

“For me the best pieces are those that work first and foremost as beautifully wearable adornment… yet have something in them that tugs at the corners of the mind - a niggling suspicion that you just missed something almost breaking the surface. Pieces that hint at older, more elemental states and darker, more internal spaces. Pieces that urge you to explore, to touch, to follow the half-heard voices with your mind as you trace its lines with your fingers. To turn it over in your hands and catch just a glimpse – like a fish in dark water - of the larger, stranger puzzle that exists in someone else’s imagination.

I love the journey that making takes you on however, especially the wonderful things you find along the way by not sticking too rabidly to the plan. 2008 has been a busy year of travel, experiment and exhibiting; the work seems to have followed a less expressive and more technical tangent as I’ve tried to fold in the different materials and techniques that have emerged.”