Artist Profile

My most recent work was initiated in Hamilton during my 5 month residence at the Waikato Potters Society. Coming from Ireland with nothing more than my toolbox and rucksack I was amazed and humbled at the welcome I got when I joined such a creative and well managed environment.

Having completed my Master a few years ago I found myself returning to a number of threads first initialised during that intensive 12 month course. I had been dealing with happenstance, serendipitous experience/outcomes during that time in relation to decoration. I found that certain aspects of that very easily worked into my practice while I was there at Hamilton.

My work is looking into the mapping of a single event/experience. Using flat wall hung panels as well as upright forms that use the anthromorphic qualities of the pot to relate all of this to our own experience and existence I apply decoration in a recorded (all amounts are measured and equal), clinical way (always applied in the same conditions) to numerous forms. Recording the flow and thickness of the decoration, it is clear to see that the outcomes become individual even though the experiences are same.

We all have experiences, we have since the day we were born and will do till the day we die. Many of these will be joyous but many will be trying and destructive if we allow them. It is what we do with these experiences that shape us; like a potter shapes a clay pot.

To put it context, on the 4th September all of Christchurch endured a very Group experience but at that moment we also experienced it in our own very individual ways and even since we have coped and had more experiences. This is something we will never forget and when asked to explain or articulate the experience we all will in many different ways.