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Artist Profile

Based in Sumner, Christchurch, my pottery tends to be decorative, with the emphasis on the immediate visual aesthetic. In all my pottery I treat the ceramic surface as a canvas on which to explore texture, colour and pattern, while the form itself I treat in a sculptural context, striving to match functionality with visual impact.

I particularly enjoy the immediate and unpredictable nature of Raku firing and use this technique for the majority of my work. This method of firing allows designs which emphasise the contrast between the blackened raw clay surface and the iridescent gloss finish of glazed areas.

Much of my current pottery seeks to explore designs intrinsic to nature and specific to New Zealand and this can particularly be seen in the range of Raku pottery that I produce.

I use patterns of stylised Koru fern fronds symbolising growth as they spiral outward with offshoots branching out in different directions, interacting amongst competing fronds. Other designs incorporate cascading maple leaves, fern leaves that wrap around the pot and patterns of breaking waves inspired by the surrounding coastal environment of Sumner, where I live and work.