Artist Profile

My focus has been on making shino glazed bowls and cups. To me a bowl is the ultimate domestic item, representing nourishment and sustenance. I aim for my bowls to be strong yet subtle with a timeless quality, as is they had been on the kitchen table feeding the family for a long time.

I am fascinated with the compelling nature if the Japanese shino glaze. The crazing, the pin holing, the crawling and the way this glaze shows every mark are all characteristics that provide a challenge no other glaze can match.

I live on a farm north of Auckland which gives me the opportunity to use clay from my own land. By faceting the exterior of the pot I open up the clay and expose all its impurities and create an interesting surface for the shino glaze to interact with. The iron oxide decoration provides an extra focal point.

I love the unpredictability of this glaze, the interplay between glaze and clay and the fact that I never know what I will find when I open the kiln!