Artist Profile

Viewers new to Craig Fletcher’s work frequently believe they are looking at the actual object, be it pebble, bumble bee or seaweed, without realising that the "life" in them is the creation of the ceramist.

His plaques are low-relief sculptures washed with water-colour, occasionally high- lighted with gold leaf. They begin life as a pencil drawing on paper. This is then drawn onto a slab of clay which becomes the original sculpture. Once completed up to fifteen impressions are made in clay so destroying the original, these are fired, emerging from the kiln pure white, and the painting begins.

Craig sees, then recreates for us, the things that most “unobservers”, speeding along too preoccupied, tend to miss, naturally occurring everyday minutiae, twigs, stones, bugs and often neglected beauties of nature like toads and moths.

The atmosphere of tranquility and serenity of his home in the South Island of New Zealand emanates from Craig’s art, an inevitable expression of his lifestyle.

He is currently working with a medium, subject matter and palette of colours that all have naturalness, earthiness and purity. These qualities are abundant around the coastline and hillsides where Craig has made his home for ten years, and made his reputation.