Artist Profile

Chris was born in Te Awamutu in the North Island of New Zealand in 1956. He graduated from Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin in 1975 with a Diploma of Fine and Applied Arts, with Distinction in Design and Sculpture. After attaining his Certificate in Ceramics the following year, he began to pot in his own studio at Hokitika on the South Island's rugged West Coast.

Weaver specialises in domestic ware and is known for his boat-shaped teapots and serving dishes. He has introduced wooden handles to some of his work, hand-made from New Zealand native Rimu. Weaver uses white high-firing clay body sections that are wheel-thrown, cut, altered and assembled. He uses a selection of tools, hand-made from driftwood found on the local beaches in the forming process and to add details to the surface of the pieces.

Form and function are his overriding concerns. "I like my pots to have a simplicity of form and something of a sculptural presence," he says. "Attention to detail and truth to the material and process are also what I try to achieve in my work." Each piece follows on from the piece made before it so that there are common elements that can be seen flowing from one piece to the next.

Weaver has exhibited throughout New Zealand and in Australia, Germany, the US and Japan. He has won various major awards in New Zealand and has had his work selected for international Ceramic Award Exhibitions. He was awarded a Creative New Zealand study grant to USA, UK and Ireland in 1995 and a grant to develop new work in 2000. His work is held in a number of public and private collections nationally and internationally.