Artis Profile

I have studied life drawing since the age of 13 years, and later went on to work as a life model for 24 years. This has given me an intimate knowledge of the human form.

My background as a painter is in commercial art, as a sign writer. I have also painted murals and tinted prints. All of which has trained me in the technique of creating 3dimensional illusion as well as giving me experience in brushwork and observation. I am fascinated by illusions of perception, imitation and trompe l’oeil and how this may be achieved by manipulating perspective.

I have an innate grasp of perspective and tend to think in 2dimension when designing my work, always drawing my idea first. This tendency to perceive in 2dimension, which I applied to the 3dimensional form, has led to exploration in perceptions of perspective and experiments of illusion. I make my pots as if working in a 2dimensional plane, using monocular vision to enhance the effect.

Whilst making and decorating I am drawing in the air with clay then painting a picture of a pot. Consequently the piece has one ideal point of view. The use of light and dark, pattern and colour has been applied to slab, coiled, cast or thrown and flattened vessels. I use white or red clays as my ‘canvas’ to draw and paint on, furthering the illusion of roundness.

Currently I am investigating depicting the perspective of vessels and structures observed from alternative angles and light source.