Artist Statement

As a child, I always liked playing with mud. I liked its tactile sensation and flexibility to form whatever shape I wanted it to be. Now, as an adult, I often find myself feeling the same kind of pleasure and excitement that I had when I was a child from playing with clay.

All my work is functional domestic wear thrown on the wheel first and trimmed by hand. The inspiration for my work often comes from my love of food. First I think of the food and then I imagine the size and shape of bowl to serve that particular food or drink to make it taste its best.

I am usually attracted to ordinary or very simple looking things. Without calling attention to themselves with a striking or gorgeous appearance, simple things still have a strong sense of existence in their humble simplicity. It is in that existence that someone can feel heart-warmed or a kind of simple relief. I think this idea is evident in my work. I would like my work to accommodate users’ hands, eyes, and the taste of the food that is served inside. I also wish to give a sense of relief and calmness to the user.

Exhibitions and Awards

2008 NZP 49th National Exhibition 2008 Kumiko Black Premier Award

2008 Canterbury All Fired-Up 2008 Kumiko Black Merit Award

2007 Canterbury Potters Association Annual Exhibition 2007 Avice Hill Memorial Award

2005, 2006 “The Circle” International Group Exhibition

2003 – 2008 “Hanano Gabou’ Annual Group Exhibition

2002 “Harmony in Form, Echoes in Piece” 1st Solo Exhibition at Pittsburg State University

2002 Borbon County Art Council’s Annual Exhibition

2001, 2002 Student Juried Exhibitions at Pittsburg State University